New Bulk Deal System

The New Bulk Deal System is a web-based intranet portal to streamline and optimize the tender process and claims management within an organization. This innovative system operates as a robust and user-friendly solution to address the challenges posed by the previous reliance on multiple, disjointed Excel spreadsheets.

The New Bulk Deal System represents a transformational shift in how an organization manages its tender processes and claims. By replacing disparate Excel spreadsheets with an integrated web-based portal, it offers a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly solution, ultimately leading to improved productivity and better decision-making.

08 Months
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Mobile Application Development


The client's decision to seek complete automation of their manual tender and claims processes using Excel spreadsheets is a wise and forward-thinking move. The implementation of a comprehensive automation system, like the one they envision, promises to bring about a significant transformation in their operations. Here's how this new system can address their specific requirements:

  • End-to-Dnd Automation
  • Multi-level workflow approvals
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Email Notifications
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • Security and Compliance

The client's vision for complete automation of their manual tender and claims processes, with multi-level workflow approvals, dashboards, reports, and email notifications, is a progressive step towards greater efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction. This transformational system will empower the client to manage these critical processes with ease and effectiveness while also laying the foundation for future growth and adaptability.


We have created a comprehensive web-based solution that automates our entire business workflow. We designed administration screens and a configuration setting interface to establish and customize the entire system via web-based configuration.

The solution encompasses tasks such as tender creation, approval processes, tracking statuses, and generating installation plans once a tender is awarded. It includes numerous built-in features and workflow functionalities.

We've also developed reporting and dashboard tools for gaining a high-level overview of the process status. In addition, we've implemented various supporting modules, including admin functions, price and product uploads, exchange rate management, and others, to complement the core modules within the system.




1. Complete Workflow Management: The system offers end-to-end workflow management, encompassing tender creation, approval processes, status tracking, installation planning, and more.

2. Notification to Each Stakeholder: Automated notifications are sent to relevant stakeholders at each stage of a process, ensuring timely communication and approvals.

3. Dashboard for Quick Analysis: Interactive dashboards provide a real-time, high-level overview of ongoing processes. Users can quickly analyze data, track progress, a

nd make informed decisions.

4. Reporting Capabilities: Robust reporting tools generate a wide range of reports, offering detailed insights into various aspects of your operations.

5. Automation of Manual Processes: The system automates previously manual tasks, reducing the need for manual data entry and processing. This automation saves time and effort, minimizes errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

6. Significant ROI: The automation of manual processes and improved efficiency leads to cost savings by reducing labor costs and minimizing errors.

Incorporating these features and capabilities into your web-based solution not only streamlines your business processes but also provides a strong foundation for achieving a significant return on investment. The system's ability to automate, notify, analyze, and report on workflows empowers your organization to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately contribute to the overall success and profitability of your operations.

Project Highlights

The project was executed in accordance with the Agile methodology and was accomplished within the designated 8-month timeframe. The resulting system has been deployed and is presently in active operation across numerous Operational Companies (Op Cos) situated across the Asia Region.

The Benefits

  1. Expedite the tender support process and record all information in the system
  2. Management Dashboard for quick decision making
  3. Instant verification through the workflow process
  4. Elimination of errors due to Automation
  5. High ROI

These project benefits underscore the substantial improvements and advantages that the implemented system has brought to your organization. From streamlining processes to enhancing decision-making and reducing errors, the system's positive outcomes demonstrate its value and impact on your operations and bottom line.