Explore the Rich Feature Set of BREES:

Chart of Accounts

Effortlessly organize your financial data with a well-structured chart of accounts.

Customized Invoices

Create personalized invoices that reflect your brand identity and professionalism

Manage Discounts

Easily apply and track discounts to streamline your financial transactions.

Multiple Company

Seamlessly manage multiple companies within a single interface for greater convenience

Ageing Analysis

Gain valuable insights into the ageing of receivables and payables for effective financial planning


Simplify your banking transactions by integrating and managing them within the platform


Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides a snapshot of your financial health


Efficiently manage accounts receivable and accounts payable for optimal cash flow management


Navigate global transactions effortlessly with support for multiple currencies.

Cloud Storage

Store your financial data securely in the cloud for easy access and peace of mind

Document Storage

Safeguard important financial documents within the platform for organized record-keeping

Financial Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports that offer valuable insights into your business performance

BREES offers a comprehensive array of features meticulously crafted to elevate your accounting experience and empower your financial management efforts. No matter the task at hand, whether it's simplifying the invoicing process, conducting in-depth analyses of aging trends in your accounts receivable, or guaranteeing the precision of your financial reports, BREES has all the bases covered.

Picture a world where your accounting tasks are simplified, where you can effortlessly generate invoices and manage them seamlessly. BREES provides you with the tools to effortlessly create, send, and track invoices, saving you valuable time and ensuring that your financial transactions are handled efficiently.

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Furthermore, BREES equips you with the analytical power to delve into aging trends within your accounts receivable. By closely monitoring and understanding these trends, you can make informed decisions about your outstanding invoices, ensuring that your cash flow remains healthy and stable.

When it comes to financial reporting, BREES ensures that your data is not just accurate but presented in a format that suits your unique needs. With customizable reporting options, you can generate financial reports that align perfectly with your business objectives, providing you with valuable insights into your financial health.

In essence, BREES is your partner in achieving a hassle-free and highly efficient accounting process. It's designed to adapt to your specific requirements, providing you with the convenience and flexibility you need to excel in your financial management endeavours. Say goodbye to accounting complexities and hello to a smoother, more empowered financial future with BREES by your side.

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