Voyager Business Intelligence

“VoyagerBI” PsiberTech’s Business Intelligence suite of products allows managers, decision-makers, and end-users to analyze the data visually and provide them an overview of their business performance and trends instantly. VoyagerBI is an easy to use and intuitive Business Intelligence Tool that allows business users to analyze and share information that is stored in various data sources.

Voyager Business Intelligence supports seamless export of data and graphs to all Microsoft Office applications. This BI software product allows even a non-IT person to look at the same data and analyze it from a multi-dimensional perspective. Voyager is a powerful management tool that provides a deep insight into an organization's data in an intuitive and Graphical manner.

Features of Voyager Business Intelligence Software

Features available in VoyagerBI

  • Report creation, sharing, and publishing
  • Managed and secured data
  • Multi-dimensional Data Analysis
  • Dashboard
Features of Voyager Business Intelligence Software


VoyagerBI provides very fast responses to OLAP queries. It enables reading, grouping and summarizing huge volumes of relational star-schema data.


VoyagerBI has an option to drill down the dimension data into a detailed level for effective decision making


Export of reporting data into excel or other office application is useful for further analysis and presentation purpose.


The drill-through capability enables the display of unsummarized detail data from a table cell or selected cells were summarized.

Vmobile Reporting Mobile Apps

Vmobile Reporting Mobile Apps

Vmobile is Mobile extension of Voyager Business Intelligence software. Vmobile Reporting Software Mobile app enables the users to view the reports using any device anywhere with internet access. This Reporting Mobile Apps can be customized according to your needs and can work in collaboration with Voyager Business Intelligence Software. Necessary access rights can be provided to enable users who are logging in via mobile to your network using Vmobile Mobile Apps.

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